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03/08/2019: “Sleeping Disorders”

“My personal experience with sleep issues and how I face it

16/06/2017: “Stretching with PowerBand” – VIDEO:

“Learn the basic Stretching Routine with PowerBand

30/10/2016: “Benefits of Physical Activity” by Tony Pantano:

“The definitive introduction to the well-being

23/10/2016: Green Tea “Elixir of Life” by Tony Pantano:

“Its benefits are beyond your imagination

Dangerous Acts After Meal:

“Must Read and share with your Family/Friends!!

2 Tips 4 a Blank Mind:

“And get rid of that old software into your head..”

Easy Things to Keep Improving Your Intelligence:

“Tips to become a better version of yourself …”

4 Things You Should Never Do Before A Workout:

Don’t Set Yourself Up to Fail Before You Even Start…”

Running 4 Body-Builders

They don’t like it very much, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil…”